First steps

Not really. You can click create account later at the login screen and use Drivvo. But not when your are driving, OK?

Tip: By creating an account you will have your data saved to the cloud. So, in case of data loss or any mobile change, you will need to install the application again, log in and your data will be recovered. Approximately 90% of our users have an account and 80% of them have already recovered the data at some point.

If you have created an account or accessed Drivvo through your Google or Facebook login, simply download the application to the new phone or tablet, log in and voilà, your data will be recovered immediately. However, if you had chosen not to create an account on Drivvo, unfortunately your data were stored at the device's memory and it won't be able to recover them. ☹

Not yet. Nowadays you can access Drivvo through your phone or tablet, Android or iOS. We are working on to support other platforms soon.

The synchronization occurs automatically whenever you open the application. Data is also sent to the cloud every time you make any action such as opening, registering, editing, or deleting. But remember, in order to keep your data you must have an account with Drivvo.

You can also manually synchronize your data:

Android: in the left side menu, go to settings and then synchronize data. Click at the synchronize button.

iOS: click more at the bottom navigation of the application and then at synchronize.


This option should be checked whenever, in a refill, you are completing the tank of your vehicle. To calculate the average number of miles per liter, we need two consecutive supplies with a full tank.

Did you forget to register a refill? No problem. The next time you go to refill, check this option so that Drivvo understands that you did not do the previous registration. Thus, the calculation of your average miles per liter will not be affected.

Tip: To have a complete history of your expenses and the performance of your vehicle ideally all refills are recorded.

You can register the two refills in a single fuel register.

Android: click + fuel below the "are you filling up the tank?" to open the second refill register option.

iOS: click + more options and then on + fuel below the field "are you filling up the tank?" to open the second refill register option.

The average is calculated always between two complete refills (all tank’s capacity). That is why the correct use of the "are you filling up the tank" field is important.

To calculate the average, two information are critical: the size of your vehicle tank and how much fuel has remained in the tank since the last refill. However, we only know how much remains when you fill up the tank twice in a row.

Tip: Be sure to mark the "are you filling the tank" option whenever refill your vehicle's tank.

It is not possible to calculate because the fuel is still in the tank. However, you can configure Drivvo to show the average always in the last filling and not in the previous one. Just check "show average on last refill" option at configurations.

The overall average is calculated by the division of the total miles traveled so far since you started using Drivvo for the sum of the liters of all your vehicle's recorded refills, excluding the oldest.

It's not a rule, it's a forecast based on your passed refillings. The more recorded fillings, the more precise it will be.

We use your daily average mileage, your vehicle's average efficiency, and the total fuel we've had to get there.


This field is designed to people who use their own vehicle for work. Companies usually pay their employees a certain amount per kilometer, taking into account the value of the fuel and the vehicle’s depreciation.

By filling this field, Drivvo helps you in organizing and calculating routes reimbursements.


Drivvo uses the same language selected in your device’s operating system. We do not currently have an option for language selection in the application.

This configuration is related to the vehicle, allowing you to use different units in different vehicles.

Android: In the left side menu, enter settings and then vehicles. Select the desired vehicle and click on the pencil in the upper right corner to edit the information.

iOS: Click more in the bottom navigation of the app and then in vehicles. Select the desired vehicle and click on the pencil in the upper right corner to edit the information.

Do not worry. Just click on do not remember my password and enter the email you used to create your account on Drivvo. You're getting a password recovery email. Ah! If you do not receive the email, check your Spam box.

PRO version

For both Android and iOS users payment is made via credit card at their respective stores (Google Play and App Store

Android users can also pay with Google Play credits.