First steps

Not really. You can click create account later at the login screen and use Drivvo. But not when your are driving, OK?

Tip: By creating an account you will have your data saved to the cloud. So, in case of data loss or any mobile change, you will need to install the application again, log in and your data will be recovered. Approximately 90% of our users have an account and 80% of them have already recovered the data at some point.

If you have created an account or accessed Drivvo through your Google or Facebook login, simply download the application to the new phone or tablet, log in and voil√†, your data will be recovered immediately. However, if you had chosen not to create an account on Drivvo, unfortunately your data were stored at the device's memory and it won't be able to recover them. ☹

Not yet. Nowadays you can access Drivvo through your phone or tablet, Android or iOS. We are working on to support other platforms soon.

The synchronization occurs automatically whenever you open the application. Data is also sent to the cloud every time you make any action such as opening, registering, editing, or deleting. But remember, in order to keep your data you must have an account with Drivvo.

You can also manually synchronize your data:

Android: in the left side menu, go to settings and then synchronize data. Click at the synchronize button.

iOS: click more at the bottom navigation of the application and then at synchronize.